Below are a few of the services Arkon Power can offer you. Click each item to read more.

Photometric Design

Photometric studies offer a computer generated lighting plan to ensure you’re getting the lighting package that best suits your business’s needs. Arkon’s in-house team completes preliminary photometric studies based on your lighting needs, both for new construction and existing sites. The lighting layouts will ensure the site will meet any lighting requirements and also any local ordinances. With detailed plans, we can bring your business up to lighting standards of the big box retailers and increase the value and safety of your business.


Value Engineering

When it comes to the ins-and-outs of a project, we know budgeting is always an important task. renovations, upgrades, or additions can become a costly process. Adding an upgraded lighting package doesn’t always have to be. With our value-engineering process, we can review the quote you’ve received, and provide an alternate lighting package that will fit better into your budget, while meeting or exceeding your lighting needs. Give us a call today for a value-engineered lighting package for your project.


Lighting Design and Specification

Every business is different. having a lighting design specific to your business is imperative for cost reduction effectiveness and safety standards. At Arkon Power, We’ll make sure to build your lighting plan around your needs. From one on one consultation to site visits, we’ll take all the necessary steps to make sure your design meets industry standards, and most importantly the needs of your business.


Site Surveys

Sometimes being on site is the best way to asses your businesses lighting needs. By personally getting out to your site, we can better understand these needs and help put together a lighting package that takes all variables into account. Give us a call today to get a site survey scheduled.


Lighting Ordinance Research

Planning a renovation of new construction project can be a hassle. Surveys, permits, inspections – it can all be overwhelming. While putting together your lighting plan, we’ll research local ordinances and laws to ensure your lighting project stays in compliance. One less thing for you to worry about, while keeping your project moving forward.


Financing Programs

If your business is in need of a lighting upgrade that’s out of your current budget, or if you don’t want to deal with the capital outlay – let us help you get the financing you need. Arkon works closely with third-party lenders to help you find financing options. In many cases, the savings from the new lighting can offset the finance payments.


Rebate Acquisition (when available)

Going green has its perks. Many government agencies, as well as power companies offer special rebates and incentives for upgrading to energy-efficient LED lighting. We’ll help you find these rebates when they’re available, and help you get the additional money to help offset the cost of the project.


Installation Coordination

At Arkon Power, our job doesn’t always end after you purchase and receive your lighting package. In many cases, we will work closely with the Electrical Contractor to ensure the product is installed correctly. Making sure that every fixture is in the right place and installed correctly will help maximize the efficiency of the lighting plan.