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Tampa Palms Partners With Arkon for Tennis Court Lighting Winner

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Tampa Palms just missed when it first installed LED lighting over its tennis courts using another lighting company. The planned community, situated in New Tampa just north of the University of South Florida, didn’t want to double fault.

“The first lighting was okay, but it just wasn’t great,” said Deby Paul, Tampa Palms North Owner Associations manager. “LEDs are supposed to provide much better lighting and huge savings on electricity, and we didn’t quite get that.”

Working alongside court surface provider Welch Tennis, Arkon was able to provide Paul and Tampa Palms exactly what they wanted.

Arkon’s Graham Brown and his team performed a photometric analysis of the Tampa Palms courts and determined they could provide high quality illumination over the entire surface using eight 450-watt LED area lights. The one-to-one replacement of Tampa Palms’ legacy metal halide fixtures would fit on four new concrete lighting poles, also provided by Arkon.

“We were able to cut their power use by more than half while giving them 50% more light,” Brown said.

Tampa Palms isn’t the only tennis court Arkon has upgraded. The LED provider has completed multiple court projects for the city of Safety Harbor and Advenir Magnolia in Orlando, and Arkon recently signed a contract on a large new construction project for LED lighting on tennis courts and pickleball courts in the Tampa Bay Area.

“Tennis court lighting is a huge industry, and we’ve mastered the necessary photometrics,” Brown said.

The new lighting at Tampa Palms, which reduced maintenance costs significantly compared to the metal halides

that preceded the community’s first set of LEDs, has been a hit with Tampa Palms residents, Paul said.

“We are very happy with what [Arkon] came up with—we’re very happy with the end result,” she said. “And our tennis players are much happier with the upgrades.”

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Arkon Aces Tennis Court Lighting Job for Safety Harbor

Arkon Power helped the city of Safety Harbor upgrade its tennis and racquetball courts with new LED lighting.

The city of Safety Harbor has gone all-in on LED lighting upgrades, and Arkon Power served up a winner for a recent installation high above several local tennis and racquetball courts.

“The city has an initiative to try to use LED products as we go forward with projects,” said Dave Carrozza, Safety Harbor’s maintenance superintendent. “We were looking for a vendor that would be a turnkey operation, and that was one of the things Arkon came to the forefront on.”

Arkon has done several jobs for Safety Harbor since the city put its LED initiative in place. The latest involved replacing 16 1,000-watt metal halide bulbs over two tennis courts at Marshall Street Park with LED fixtures. Arkon engineers determined it could produce the required amount of light with just eight 600-watt LED area lights. Arkon was able to replace eight 1,000-watt metal halides on the Marshall Street racquetball courts with eight 320-watt LED streetlights.

Because the lighting would be used to illuminate a recreational area, glare was a primary concern. But Arkon worked with the city to ensure it wouldn’t be an issue, and Carrozza said local tennis and racquetball enthusiasts have been pleased with the results.

“We haven’t gotten a single complaint,” Carrozza said. “That was our biggest concern.”

Safety Harbor is committed to using LEDs because of their energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs, according to Carrozza. In addition to offering the turnkey solution the city was looking for, handling the job from sourcing to installation, Arkon’s proposal stood out for cost savings and extended warranties. “It comes down to the money standpoint and efficiency,” Carrozza said.

Arkon Technical Manager Graham Brown said the project was particularly successful because his team was able to replace the existing metal halide lights with fewer LEDs using Safety Harbor’s legacy light poles.

The Safety Harbor project was Arkon’s fifth tennis court retrofit. “More and more customers are realizing LEDs are ideal for athletic settings, not only for the power and maintenance savings, but also for the improved lighting on the playing surface,” Brown said. “We anticipate this being a growth market.”

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