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Arkon Lights Up First-Ever WOW Fast Food Restaurant with LED Site Lighting

Wow! That’s Fresh, a new concept from the group behind PDQ restaurants, has selected Arkon’s LED site as its sole outdoor LED provider.

Arkon LED completed a light pole and LED fixture installation at the first-ever Wow! That’s Fresh (WOW) restaurant in Brandon, Florida., in early November. WOW is the latest fast casual concept from the group responsible for the wildly popular PDQ chain.

“We are extremely proud to work with a restaurant group like this,” said Greg Papandrew, Arkon’s own LED Sales Guy. “We’ve worked closely with the group on each of our installs to ensure optimum configuration of light poles and fixtures.”

WOW and PDQ are operated by MVP Holdings, which first approached Arkon this spring about installing LED lighting at several of its existing PDQ locations in Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, and Manatee County. Arkon has already completed a number of LED Parking Lot Lighting PDQ installs and looks forward to continuing to work with WOW as the brand grows.

WOW’s executives say the restaurant was founded on the idea that customers don’t have to trade quality for speed and affordability, which makes the restaurant a natural partner for Arkon LED.

“We pride ourselves on our ability to find the right lighting solutions in the right applications,” Director of Business Development Eleni Lelekis said. “That allows us to deliver industry-leading lighting quality at industry-leading pricing.”

Arkon has received the go-ahead to upgrade the lighting at a number of additional PDQ locations and expects to continue to do business with WOW. To learn more about what Arkon can do for businesses like WOW and a variety of others, please email  today.

Arkon Dips Into Fresh Market With PDQ Fast Food Restaurants

Major chain teams up with Arkon for latest in LED Site lighting solutions.

Arkon LED installed the first in a series of lights purchased by fast casual restaurant group PDQ in early July. The lights were installed at the chain’s flagship restaurant in Tampa, Florida.

Arkon has been contracted to provide upgraded exterior site lighting for multiple locations operated by PDQ (People Dedicated to Quality), one of the fastest growing fast casual restaurants in the country. Industry-leading LED light fixtures, along with hurricane-rated direct-burial fiberglass poles with a durable acrylic coating that matches the restaurant’s color scheme, were installed at PDQ’s location on Waters and Benjamin in South Tampa beginning on July 1. Arkon suggested LED fixtures with multiple optics, along with proper pole placement, to ensure maximum light at the least cost to the individual store location.

“You can’t just throw up any light and hope it works. Every location is different,” Arkon’s VP of Business Development Eleni Lelekis said. “Whether it is meeting the challenge of local ordinances or overcoming the challenges of the location’s footprint, we are able to improve upon a site lighting design where most could not.”

Arkon has received the go-ahead to upgrade the lighting at 10 more PDQ locations, as well as at the first Wow That’s Fresh (WOW) concept, which will soon be launched by PDQ’s parent company, MVP Holdings in Hillsborough County. According to executives, the Arkon team is currently being introduced to MVP’s engineers, general contractors and architects, and installations at the 25 new PDQ stores the group will open in the next 18 months are possible.

“We look forward to handling PDQ and WTF on a national level just like we manage our other national accounts,” Arkon President Greg Papandrew said. “Whether it is a real estate investment company, large automotive retailer or restaurant chain, Arkon can travel anywhere and communicate with all parties involved to provide the best site lighting at competitive pricing.”

Arkon’s photometric expertise and cost-effective solutions made the company PDQ’s LED and pole vendor of choice. Please email for information about our parking lot solutions and more.

Shopping Center, Arkon Develop Partnership with LED Site Lighting

Formosa Gardens is attracting more tenants by upgrading to LEDs.

Mary Ellen Kerber and her employer at Formosa Gardens have an addiction. They can’t get enough, and they keep going back to their favorite dealer.

“We’ve done two LED installations for Formosa Gardens Shopping Center, and both of them have worked out great,” said Greg Papandrew of Arkon LED. “Now we’re in the process of doing two more projects with them, and we’re looking at one more.”

It all started late last year, when the Kissimmee, Florida., based shopping center was looking to upgrade its 19 1,080-watt high pressure sodium lights. The lights were driving up the utility costs for Formosa’s tenants, and it was making it difficult to attract new tenants, as well. Arkon LED suggested a combination of its 120- and 200-watt LED fixtures that would reduce Formosa’s power consumption by 70%.

“Arkon was very helpful and knowledgeable compared to some of the other companies we were looking at,” Kerber said. “So far we’ve been very happy with it. When no tenants complain, that is a good thing, and I’ve even gotten a couple of positive comments.”

When Formosa wanted to brighten another area of its parking lot, it came back to Arkon. The company installed two additional poles with one fixture each in the dark area, overcoming several concerns with power availability and finding a way to place the poles in a position that saved Formosa more money.

On the horizon for Formosa are the replacement of more then 50 roadway light poles on rent from the local power utility with a decorative LED lamp and 90 decorative lights on the roof of the facility with a lower wattage LED. If all goes well, the company will also be considering upgrading its neighboring hotel parking lot, pool area and landscaping lighting with Arkon LEDs.

“We believe in relationships,” Kerber said. “We felt better with Arkon LED.”

At the end of the day, the most important thing for Kerber was a company willing to tell her the truth about what it could do. Formosa has numerous lighting installations, and Arkon explained an LED solution is not right for all of them.

“Arkon’s sales associate was very honest,” Kerber said. “I worked with some companies that said they could do it all, where Arkon said it would take too many years to recoup our money on some projects.”

Email to learn more about this or any of Arkon’s commercial LED projects in Osceola County and throughout the state.

Arkon Engineers Provide Dixie Buick GMC Truck Unique Solution

Arkon Engineers Provide Dixie Buick GMC Truck Unique Solution

  • Dixie Sales Manager: LEDs Provide Advantage Over Competition
  • $35,000 Annual Power Savings to Payback in <3 Years
  • Mixing Fixture Wattages Optimizes Aesthetic, Savings

The arms race was on for Dixie Buick GMC Truck in Fort Myers, Fla. The goal? Sell more cars. The weapon? Lot-enhancing lighting.

“My competitors have all improved their lights over the last several years,” said Steve Johnson, the dealership’s sales manager. “Still, our Arkon LED lighting stands out among them all.”

Johnson and Dixie Owner Robert Adkins were having problems with their existing lighting, and they knew they had to find the most cutting edge lighting technology to outpace the other car lots on the South Florida strip where they’re located. The solution was to replace Dixie’s 80 1,000-watt metal halide bulbs with a mix of 120-, 200- and 300-watt Shoeboxes from Arkon LED.

Arkon’s lighting engineers performed an in-depth light field study and determined the best strategy for Dixie. The result was bright light throughout the facility with optimized power usage. The lighting conversion is expected to yield Dixie $35,000 per year in savings, which will pay back the cost of the project in about two years.
“Why make the back of the car lot look as bright as the front?” Arkon’s Greg Papandrew asked. “By selectively reducing wattage, we were able to shave a third off the already-reduced power consumption.”

In addition to the optimized power and cost savings, Dixie will enjoy the other benefits of top-of-the-line LED lighting—drastically reduced maintenance, increased safety and security, and the aesthetic appeal to sell more cars.

“The difference between the lighting now and before is truly night and day,” Johnson said. “When you drive down the street, we are the most visible store on the strip of car dealers. If you are on the lot looking at a car, you can actually see in the car, see the interiors, read the window labels. It has made all the difference.”


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Gainesville College Harnesses Archon’s LED Adjustability

Gainesville College Harnesses Archon’s LED Adjustability

  • Adjustable Panels Eliminate Need for New Light Poles
  • LED Shoebox Lights Lead to 75% Energy Savings
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction Key for “Sustainable Institution”

Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Fla., knew it wanted to convert its parking lot lighting to LEDs, but one thing stood in its way. Its existing light pole configuration kept it from being able to maximize the savings from the conversion.

Archon Power’s unique LED fixtures offered the solution—adjustable light panels.

“I didn’t want to start sinking additional poles in the parking lots,” said Erik Anderson, the college’s facilities manager. “The double adjustment of the Archon lights allowed us to maintain the existing pole settings. That was a tremendous benefit.”

Santa Fe installed 44 120-watt Shoebox fixtures in three of its parking lots, a move that is expected to reduce the lots’ energy consumption by 75%. The modules are able to improve lighting quality and distribution while using less wattage than the previous fixtures primarily because of their adjustability. All of Archon’s Shoebox lights include two modules that can be adjusted 30 degrees both ways from the center point, allowing customers like Santa Fe to focus light on areas where it’s needed for optimized safety and presentation.

“There are far more foot candles on the ground than before, and the color rendering is superb,” Anderson said. “We knew that going in because we had installed Archon lights at a bus stop as a pilot program.”

Converting to LED lighting was a logical step for Santa Fe not only because of the immense savings offered by the lights and the rebate it received from its local energy utility, but also because it was the right thing to do for the environment, according to Anderson.

“We like to think of ourselves as a progressively sustainable institution,” he said. “We’re always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.”



Glossary of 
LED Terms

Don’t know the difference between a luminaire and the illuminati? Feel like everyone in the lighting industry is speaking a language only they understand? Don’t let that feeling continue. Our glossary of LED terms is a comprehensive listing of all the jargon you’ll need to know to start sounding like an old school industry veteran. Come back whenever you’d like to consult this valuable resource.

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Shopping Center Saves Big With LED Shoeboxes

Shopping Center Saves Big With Shoeboxes

  • High Pressure Sodium Lights Drew Excessive Wattage
  • Replacement With 120-Watt Shoeboxes Saved 74%
  • Project Is Expected to Pay Back in Less Than 3 Years

High pressure sodium bulbs were eating into Loukas Zagaris’ bottom line. With 465-watt fixtures lighting his shopping center, Northgate Plaza in St. Petersburg, Fla., his monthly utility bill was through the roof.


Zagaris contacted Archon Power about possible solutions. Archon’s engineering team first considered replacing the HPS lights with the same number of 75-watt designer streetlights, yielding an 84% reduction in energy usage. However, light field studies showed more light output would be necessary for adequate visibility and security.The team settled on 120-watt shoeboxes, reducing the shopping center’s wattage draw by 74%. Based on the center’s annual energy usage, the team estimated the new lights would pay for themselves in less than three years.


“Archon Power worked hard to find the ideal solution for my shopping center,” Zagaris said. “Now we’re getting better light than before for much, much less. And the Archon team couldn’t have been easier to deal with.” Zagaris said the increased light was particularly beneficial because it didn’t require additional light poles, which would have increased the cost of the project and been unsightly. He indicated feedback from Northgate Plaza tenants has been positive, as they are now getting the exposure and security they require for their businesses.



The heat is on, and LED manufacturers have to do something about it. All electronic components generate heat, and effective heat dissipation technologies are required to ensure proper LED operation and fully-rated life. 


The IESNA recently published the inaugural edition of LM-80—the Approved Method for Measuring Lumen Maintenance of LED Light Sources, which specifies the precise methods LED manufacturers must use to reliably evaluate the lumen depreciation of LEDs over a fixed time period. Cree, the chip supplier for many of Archon Power’s LEDs, uses LM-80 methodology to verify that their products will provide 70% of initial lumens for at least 50,000 hours.


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Archon Helps Gainesville Car Dealer Capitalize on Expiring Utility Rebate

Archon Helps Gainesville Car Dealer Capitalize on Expiring Utility Rebate

  • Tomlinson Motor Company Installed 50+ Archon Lights
  • Project Will Pay for Itself in About 2 Years
  • GRU Rebate ($14,000+ for Tomlinson) Expires This Fall

Tomlinson Motor Company had a vision. The company saw its cars bathed in sunlight-like illumination. It saw a more inviting showroom. It saw a reduced environmental footprint. And it saw it all happening before its local utility company’s energy savings incentives expired. “We wanted the improved lighting coverage LEDs can provide,” said J.D. Tomlinson, company owner. “Gainesville Regional Utilities’ (GRU) expiring rebate was a big bonus.”

Like many regional energy companies, GRU recognizes lighting can account for nearly one-third of a business’ total energy needs. In many cases, the same light output can be achieved using lower-wattage lamps like Archon Power’s LEDs. Particularly in the case of Archon’s bulbs, powered by the proprietary Heat Spreader, air conditioning costs can also be reduced. So through the end of its fiscal year in late September, the utility is offering up to $100,000 or 50% back on lighting project implementation costs. The rebate is based on the reduction in energy use directly attributed to the project.

For Tomlinson Motor Cars, Archon Power’s installation more than produced the desired effect. The company installed 30 200-watt Shoebox LEDs, 6 50-watt Versa I LEDs, 14 100-watt LED modules and two LED tube retrofit kits and received a $14,060 rebate from GRU. The project is expected to save Tomlinson Motor Cars $20,635 in the first year and pay for itself in about 2 years.

“The lights look really good,” Tomlinson said. “They more than met my expectations, and Archon Power did a great job. Everyone was very responsive, and their reps were on-site a lot.”


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