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Pinellas County Fast Food Restaurant Finds Winner with LED Site Lighting

Donut shop sees multiple benefits from LED upgrade

The site lights were out at the Dunkin’ Donuts fast food restaurant in Largo, Florida. And that was not good for business.

“We knew that we had to replace some of the lighting,” Owner Estelle Valsamis said. “We thought LED parking lot lighting would save us money, and when Arkon Power showed us they would pay for themselves inside two years, it was a no brainer. It made good business sense.”

The savings on the company’s energy bill, it turned out, were just the beginning. According to Valsamis, the lights are even brighter and more daylight-like than she expected. That means her business’s effective hours have been extended—customers are drawn to the bakery not only during the morning rush but into the evenings, as well.

“We are really happy with it,” Valsamis said. “We are coffee and donuts, so much of our business is in the morning. For those off hours, the lighting helps the visibility from the street; it allows people to see the shop at night. We can definitely pick up some sales.”

Valsamis said the lights have also made the Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot and surrounding area safer for employees during early morning and nighttime hours.

The restaurant parking lot previously was lit by 11 1,000-watt metal halide bulbs, most of which were out and needed either maintenance or complete replacement. The Arkon photometric team determined just five 280-watt LED streetlights and one 120-watt LED streetlight could provide even better illumination.

According to Arkon Technical Manager Graham Brown, where there were two lighting fixtures on five of the six poles around the parking lot prior to the upgrade, the new design required only one fixture per pole.

“Not only were the existing lights costing this business in maintenance and on its energy bill, there were clunky redundancies everywhere,” Brown said. “We were able to streamline the system and offer a clean looking layout in addition to saving the client significant sums of money.”

Valsamis said that throughout the lighting replacement process, from fixture selection to final installation, Arkon communicated clearly and performed beyond her expectations.

“Arkon was very good at discussing the process in terms of the contract, and the pricing was great,” she said. “The installation was seamless—nice and efficient. Arkon Power did a fantastic job.”

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Arkon Continues to Save Money on Site Lighting for Fast Food Restaurant, PDQ

The fast growing restaurant group has 16 lighting upgrades scheduled and more on the way.

Arkon LED and PDQ restaurants have continued their successful partnership in the first quarter of 2015, building on last year’s numerous successful site lighting installations.

Since doing its first LED site lighting upgrade for PDQ (People Dedicated to Quality) at its location on Waters and Benjamin in South Tampa on July 1, Arkon has become the fast growing restaurant group’s go-to supplier. Arkon is now responsible for all PDQ site lighting projects, including those where LED lights are not the ideal solution. According to Arkon Director of Business Development Eleni Lelekis, 16 PDQ projects are currently “in the pipeline, with the number growing by the month.”

“Working with PDQ has been a great success for both sides,” Lelekis said. “The group has allowed us the freedom to engineer the best lighting solutions for each of their locations, and their continued business ensures us they have been very pleased with our work.”

Greg Papandrew, Arkon’s LED Sales Guy, said one of the things he’s been most proud of is Arkon’s ability to improve PDQ’s brand recognition. In addition to providing lighting that is inviting to customers, Arkon has created a unique pole solution for the young but up-and-coming business.

“PDQ said, ‘we want you to maximize our site lighting at a competitive price,” Papandrew said. “We came up with a solution using a combination of our energy efficient LED fixtures and custom made poles to match the decor.”

One of PDQ’s Tampa locations, Arkon’s 240-watt LED fixtures and 25-foot green poles have become a staple for PDQ locations.

“Every time I drive by a PDQ I enjoy seeing those bright poles and even brighter lights,” Papandrew said. “I’m looking forward to seeing more in the future.”

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Arkon Lights Up First-Ever WOW Fast Food Restaurant with LED Site Lighting

Wow! That’s Fresh, a new concept from the group behind PDQ restaurants, has selected Arkon’s LED site as its sole outdoor LED provider.

Arkon LED completed a light pole and LED fixture installation at the first-ever Wow! That’s Fresh (WOW) restaurant in Brandon, Florida., in early November. WOW is the latest fast casual concept from the group responsible for the wildly popular PDQ chain.

“We are extremely proud to work with a restaurant group like this,” said Greg Papandrew, Arkon’s own LED Sales Guy. “We’ve worked closely with the group on each of our installs to ensure optimum configuration of light poles and fixtures.”

WOW and PDQ are operated by MVP Holdings, which first approached Arkon this spring about installing LED lighting at several of its existing PDQ locations in Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, and Manatee County. Arkon has already completed a number of LED Parking Lot Lighting PDQ installs and looks forward to continuing to work with WOW as the brand grows.

WOW’s executives say the restaurant was founded on the idea that customers don’t have to trade quality for speed and affordability, which makes the restaurant a natural partner for Arkon LED.

“We pride ourselves on our ability to find the right lighting solutions in the right applications,” Director of Business Development Eleni Lelekis said. “That allows us to deliver industry-leading lighting quality at industry-leading pricing.”

Arkon has received the go-ahead to upgrade the lighting at a number of additional PDQ locations and expects to continue to do business with WOW. To learn more about what Arkon can do for businesses like WOW and a variety of others, please email  today.

Arkon Dips Into Fresh Market With PDQ Fast Food Restaurants

Major chain teams up with Arkon for latest in LED Site lighting solutions.

Arkon LED installed the first in a series of lights purchased by fast casual restaurant group PDQ in early July. The lights were installed at the chain’s flagship restaurant in Tampa, Florida.

Arkon has been contracted to provide upgraded exterior site lighting for multiple locations operated by PDQ (People Dedicated to Quality), one of the fastest growing fast casual restaurants in the country. Industry-leading LED light fixtures, along with hurricane-rated direct-burial fiberglass poles with a durable acrylic coating that matches the restaurant’s color scheme, were installed at PDQ’s location on Waters and Benjamin in South Tampa beginning on July 1. Arkon suggested LED fixtures with multiple optics, along with proper pole placement, to ensure maximum light at the least cost to the individual store location.

“You can’t just throw up any light and hope it works. Every location is different,” Arkon’s VP of Business Development Eleni Lelekis said. “Whether it is meeting the challenge of local ordinances or overcoming the challenges of the location’s footprint, we are able to improve upon a site lighting design where most could not.”

Arkon has received the go-ahead to upgrade the lighting at 10 more PDQ locations, as well as at the first Wow That’s Fresh (WOW) concept, which will soon be launched by PDQ’s parent company, MVP Holdings in Hillsborough County. According to executives, the Arkon team is currently being introduced to MVP’s engineers, general contractors and architects, and installations at the 25 new PDQ stores the group will open in the next 18 months are possible.

“We look forward to handling PDQ and WTF on a national level just like we manage our other national accounts,” Arkon President Greg Papandrew said. “Whether it is a real estate investment company, large automotive retailer or restaurant chain, Arkon can travel anywhere and communicate with all parties involved to provide the best site lighting at competitive pricing.”

Arkon’s photometric expertise and cost-effective solutions made the company PDQ’s LED and pole vendor of choice. Please email for information about our parking lot solutions and more.